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New and powerful features!

Masterlist main screen

Masterlist v1.1.0 is now available on the App Store with tons of new features and improvements. Let’s have a hopefully quick look at what is new! ?

Tip: This post is about Masterlist’s latest features. Please visit its App Store page to see more screenshots and read a general introduction about it.

New features of Pomodoro (Focus) Timer in Masterlist

Fast & functional access button

Quickly access to the active Pomodoro (focus) timer from Masterlist or Checklist/Project view. Its color is indicating the status of the timer. Red means a work session is active. Yellow shows that it is break time. Gray means there is not any task to work for. Blue means there is not any active Pomodoro session.

Easily access to active Pomodoro (focus) timer by using smart access button

Smart scoreboard and streak score

Pomodoro (focus) timer has a simple yet stylish scoreboard at the top. It shows the work sessions you have completed & canceled on that day, at all times, and it displays your current streak.

Streak score keeps increasing if you start new work sessions one after another without giving a “too long” break. You can see your best streak (and show off with it) by going to the statistics screen.

Masterlist's Scoreboard
The smart scoreboard shows your current and all-time performance for the task at one glance. Streak score motivates you for consecutive and more productive work sessions.

Customizable charts & powerful statistics

Masterlist Pomodoro Statistics
Focus Timer Stats

With Masterlist’s powerful statistics, you can see the exact time ( in minutes) you spent, and the number of daily work sessions for any particular task, project/checklist, or for all tasks at a glance. You can easily track your work or study performance, keep a meaningful, personal history of your time, and learn the amount of billable time for any project if you are a freelancer or a lawyer, for example. ?

Advanced settings

With Masterlist’s advanced Pomodoro (focus) timer settings, you can set a daily goal, customize timer lengths and alarm sounds, enable ticking clock or concentration sounds for work sessions, customize the appearance of your timer screen, auto-start break timers, auto-dim your screen while working to save energy, prevent auto-sleep, and much more! ?

Easily browse recent tasks

You can quickly browse among the tasks you have used Pomodoro (focus) timer for without leaving the Pomodoro screen. Just tap on the left and right arrow buttons at the sides of the task’s title. The left arrow will take you towards the end of the list. Most recent tasks are at the beginning of the list and they can be reached by using the right arrow.

Remember, this list does not include all of your tasks. This is a design choice to make the app more user-friendly, as some people may have LOTS of tasks (did we mention that it is possible with Masterlist?).

If you have not yet used a lot of tasks for Pomodoro, do not be surprised to see here the most recently added tasks as well for your convenience.

Quick access to Pomodoro task

Tap on the title of the task on the Pomodoro screen to access and edit all the details of that task. No more long trips among views and lists! ?

Concentration sounds for deep focus

Ticking clock’s sound has a special meaning and importance in the Pomodoro Technique, explained by the technique’s inventor, Francisco Trillo’s book published in 2006. Masterlist has been designed fully compatible with this famous Pomodoro Technique, so it includes even more than one ticking kitchen timer sounds for you to help you focus while you are working. However, the ticking clock is not your only background music option in Masterlist. You can listen to the light or heavy rain, peaceful forest ambiance or even a techno-beat track to help you focus more deeply, especially in noisy environments. ?

There are now several sound options for alarms and a vibration option as well for quite environments such as libraries and study halls, or your home at night time while others are sleeping.

New features of to-do lists in Masterlist

Postpone scheduled tasks

You have been able to set a due date, reminder, and a repeater for any task in Masterlist since its first version. Now you can postpone scheduled tasks to a later date too. To postpone a task you can swipe it to the left in Checklist/Project view, or tap on the due date in the task’s detail view and choose one of the postpone options.

Masterlist has useful options in swipe-to-left and swipe-to-right menus that will make your life easier.

Postponing tasks in Masterlist is powerful. Postponed tasks can be seen and tracked. When you postpone a repeating task its repeat pattern does not change. This can be confusing at first, so let’s explain it with an example: You have a task for paying a bill which repeats on the 15th day of every month. You postponed the payment for 1 week in January and completed that task later. When you complete the task, February’s due date will be still on the 15th day of every month. The day you set will not be changed, no matter how many times you postponed any particular occurrence of the repeating task.

Bring it to today!

Sometimes we can’t timely complete our demanding repeating tasks. Example: You set a repeating task for going to the gym every day (a hard-to-keep promise…) and you did not go in the last 2 weeks, maybe you were too busy (or you were just being lazy). Today you went to the gym -finally- again and you want to proudly complete this task in your to-do list and hear that peaceful “ding!” sound. How would you achieve that? ?

In some other famous to-do apps, you may have to tap on the “complete” button for maybe 15 times to update that task’s due date as today. Life is much easier with Masterlist. Just swipe it to the left and tap on “→ Today” option (you can watch the short video above to see a demo).

Postpone and update as today options in Masterlist
Swipe to the left menu has useful options to update the due date of any task, without causing any change on the repeat settings of that task (if any)

Completion counter

Let’s say you decided to take a walk every day and after some time you are curious about how many days you have actually completed this task. Masterlist keeps this record too. Take a look at the bottom of the detail view of your task. ?

Masterlist's Completion Counter
Masterlist keeps records of useful information about your tasks without requiring any action from your part

And there are much more!

There are many other improvements and new features in Masterlist v1.1.0, some of them are not visible to users but making Masterlist more efficient and powerful for them. It would make this post much longer if we explain all of them here, so let’s just shortly mention some of them:

  • More projects/checklists in the free version
  • Sorting options for subtasks (or sub-tasks)
  • Task completed sound as an option
  • Option for resetting to default settings
  • Mass deletion of completed subtasks and all subtasks
  • Mass deletion of completed tasks
  • More checklist icons
  • Behind the scenes: Improve processing and storing data
  • Bug fixes

Feel free to contact us about any feature suggestion, question, or bug report. Your feedback will help us improve Masterlist even more! And we would be happy to assist you when you have a problem! ?

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this version, we hope you like it as much as we like to build it. If Masterlist is useful for you please consider reviewing it on the App Store, spreading the word by recommending it to your friends if you think this app might be useful for them.

Thank you! ☺️